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Glossary > Retargeting


Retargeting in digital advertising is a strategy that aims at users who have previously visited a website but did not complete a desired action.

A desired action can be anything from making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter to filling out a form or adding items to a shopping cart.

By using cookies, retargeting displays ads to these users as they browse other sites, reminding them of the initial site and encouraging them to return and complete the action.

Frequently asked questions
Can retargeting be personalized? Yes, personalize your retargeting based on user behavior and preferences through Ocamba’s dynamic analytics and deliver more relevant ads and increase effectiveness.
How do you leverage data to retarget users? By using platforms such as Ocamba Marketeer with detailed, dynamic user behavior analytics, you can use the obtained information to leverage both apps - Hood and Adex.
Does retargeting improve conversion rates? Yes, retargeting significantly improves conversion rates by re-engaging users who have already shown interest in your product or service.
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