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Glossary > Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Demand generation is a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on creating awareness and interest in a company’s product or service, ultimately driving demand.

It can be any tactic that aligns with the company’s strategy to attract potential customers and nurture them through the buying process, such as content marketing, customer engagement campaigns (push, SMS, email, viber), social media, events, etc.

Frequently asked questions
How does Demand generation differ from lead generation? Demand generation includes all activities that drive awareness and interest, while lead generation focuses on capturing contact info from interested prospects.
What are the key components of a Demand generation strategy? Key components include content marketing, social media engagement, customer engagement campaigns, SEO, and targeted advertising.
Why is Demand generation important for businesses? Demand generation is important because it helps build brand awareness, creates a steady flow of qualified leads, and supports long-term business growth.
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