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Glossary > Ad Latency

Ad Latency

Ad latency is the delay between when an Ad request is made and when the Ad is fully loaded and displayed to the user.

High Ad latency can negatively impact user experience by causing slow page load times and potentially leading to decreased engagement and higher bounce rates.

Reducing Ad latency is crucial for maintaining a smooth and responsive user experience, especially on mobile devices and high-traffic websites.

Frequently asked questions
What causes high Ad latency? High Ad latency can be caused by factors such as slow server response times, large Ad file sizes, and inefficient Ad delivery networks.
How can Ad latency be reduced? Platforms like Ocamba support a high volume of transactions per second with minimal latency, ensuring real-time campaign management even under heavy demand.
Why is reducing Ad latency important? Reducing Ad latency is important because it improves user experience, increases engagement, and reduces the likelihood of users abandoning the site due to slow load times.
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