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Glossary > Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud

Ad fraud refers to deceptive practices aimed at manipulating online advertising systems to generate illegitimate revenue or benefits.

Common types of Ad fraud include click fraud, impression fraud, and bot traffic, all of which artificially inflate engagement metrics, drain Ad budgets, and diminish the effectiveness of Ad campaigns overall.

Frequently asked questions
How do I combat Ad fraud? Use tools with traffic fraud detection like Ocamba Marketeer, implement strict verification measures, and work with reputable Ad networks and publishers.
Traffic fraud vs. Ad fraud Ad fraud consists of a broader range of deceptive practices within the advertising ecosystem, while traffic fraud specifically targets the manipulation of traffic sources to generate fake clicks, impressions, or conversions within Ad campaigns.
What are the consequences of encountering Ad fraud? Encountering Ad fraud can result in wasted Ad spend, damage to brand reputation, and diminished effectiveness of advertising efforts.
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