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Push notifications

 Boost Your Engagement: Strategies to Improve Mobile Notification Performance

Boost Your Engagement: Strategies to Improve Mobile Notification Performance

Discover the key strategies to enhance your mobile notification performance and boost user engagement. From personalization and timing to compelling content and benchmarking, this blog provides valuable insights to optimize your push notification strategy.

Monday, May 29, 2023
 Push Notifications

WEB Push Notifications Are Finally on Safari: How Big Change Is This Going to Make?

Web push notifications are one of the most effective tools in any marketer’s inventory. Their biggest flaw of this engagement method was that Safari, the most commonly used browser on iOS, did not allow them. Well, starting in October 2022, this will change forever, and, to make matters even more interesting, it’s speculated that Safari will be the first of many browsers to follow suit. In other words, this update regarding the web push notifications might represent a proper revolution when it comes to iOS-targeted marketing.

Thursday, Nov 10, 2022
 Marketing campaigns for Black Friday

Ocamba's Guide to marketing campaigns for Black Friday

In this blog, you will learn all the relevant information about boosting your sales on Black Friday that have proven to be highly productive in practice. Choosing and implementing an adequate marketing strategy for Black Friday is key to the success of your business.

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021