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Partner up for success: How our network of industry leaders can help grow your business

With its mission to democratize the programmatic advertising industry and its vision for a more personalized and engaging advertising experience, Ocamba is an excellent partner for businesses looking to take digital marketing to the next level.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 / Ad serving

External Demand Partners


Ocamba provides applications that simplify the programmatic advertising process for advertisers and publishers. The platform offers various solutions, including audience targeting, real-time bidding, and A/B testing of ad creatives on the same audience to help you optimize your marketing strategy. Our solution allows businesses to access a vast network of demand partners and reach their target audience more effectively.

At the core of our mission is the belief that programmatic advertising should be accessible, efficient, and effective for everyone. The platform aims to democratize the programmatic advertising industry, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to access the tools they need to succeed.

By partnering with leading demand partners, the platform can offer its users access to a vast network of publishers and their audiences, allowing them to reach their target audience more effectively.

What are external demand partners?

A demand partner is a company or platform that connects advertisers and publishers, allowing them to reach a broader audience and increase their revenue. By partnering with the demand side, the business can expand its reach, access new markets, and increase revenue streams.

Some specialized external demand partners focus on specific areas of programmatic advertising, such as mobile advertising, social media advertising, or video advertising.

External demand partners are essential for businesses to stay competitive by providing access to a vast network of publishers and their audiences. By collaborating with these partners and utilizing Ocamba, businesses can reach the right audience, optimize campaigns, and increase customer loyalty.

Ocamba’s integrations with external demand partners

As an advertising platform that provides a range of ad formats, including native ads, push notifications, and pop-ups, we have integrated with over 300 external demand partners, including Pushub, Evadav, Megapush, Rollerblade, Pushnamy, Mgid, AdMaven, Clickadilla, PopCash, Nummorum, Epom, HasTraffic, and many more.

Ocamba’s integration with external demand partners gives our customers a significant advantage in the competitive programmatic advertising market. By offering a wide range of ad inventory from our partners, we can provide a more comprehensive solution for our customers to achieve their advertising goals.

Our integration partners are carefully selected to ensure we offer our customers only the highest-quality ad inventory. We work with leading ad networks, allowing customers access to the latest ad formats and targeting options.

The platform is designed to help customers achieve advertising goals, whether increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, or generating leads and sales.

In addition to our extensive list of integration partners, we also offer a range of tools and features to help our customers optimize their campaigns. Our advanced targeting options, real-time reporting, and optimization algorithms ensure our customers get the most out of their ad spend.

Overall, our integrations, advanced tools, and features make us an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking to succeed in the competitive world of programmatic advertising.

Advantages of Ocamba’s integrations

By partnering with other platforms, we can tap into their respective networks and offer more options to our customers.

Another advantage of partnering with external demand partners is offering more diverse ad formats. Different partners specialize in various ad formats or have access to unique inventory, which helps us stand out from competitors. For example, integrating with push notification networks like PushHub or Megapush offers advertisers a highly targeted and attention-grabbing ad format.

It can also improve the quality of the user experience. By offering a more comprehensive range of ad formats and inventory, users have more options to choose from and can find relevant and engaging ads.

Additionally, by partnering with reputable networks, we can ensure that the ads displayed on their platform are high-quality and not fraudulent or low-quality.

What distinguishes us from competitors is that we can offer a comprehensive solution to our customers. With over 300 external demand partners, we provide a one-stop shop for advertisers looking to reach a wide range of audiences. By consolidating ad inventory and formats, users can save time and resources by working with one platform rather than multiple partners.

Integrating with external demand partners can also help users achieve their business goals. By offering a comprehensive range of ad formats and inventory, users can tailor their campaigns to specific audiences and objectives. For example, a user looking to increase brand awareness may choose to run a native ad campaign, while a user looking to drive conversions may choose to run a push notification campaign.


In conclusion, the integrations that Ocamba has established with its external demand partners provide numerous advantages for both the platform and its users.

By partnering with over 300 networks, we can offer a wide range of ad formats and access to a large pool of advertisers and ad inventory. This strategy expands revenue potential and helps the platform stand out.