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 Release notes for first quarter of 2024

New Release: First quarter of 2024

We're excited to kick off the year with Ocamba's first-quarter release, which reflects our commitment to innovation, user experience, and performance improvements

Monday, Apr 1, 2024
 Boost e-commerce sales with push notifications

Segmentation: Unlocking the Potential of Targeted Push Notifications in E-Commerce

Discover the game-changing potential of user segmentation in e-commerce and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategies. This blog explores the benefits of segmenting your audience, from increased personalization to higher conversion rates, and dives into advanced techniques like predictive analytics and machine learning.

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023
 Release notes for seonc quarter of 2023

New release - Second quarter of 2023

We are beyond excited to introduce our latest blog release, which announces the newest features and updates on the Ocamba platform. Continue reading to find out what's new..

Friday, Jul 7, 2023